2019 Independence Day Message

The military is evidently showing signs of despair. But would you blame them? Nearly everything points to the undeniable fact that a lot of sabotage has bedeviled the fight against terrorism. Sincere and patriotic soldiers are being wasted on the battle field totally unsung. If their weapons of war have failed them, who would blame them for falling back on our spiritual weapon

Funny as this may seem, it is a clarion call to the church. The safety and sanity of our dear nation rest on our shoulders. Shake yourselves from the shackles of Mammon and avarice, church. It’s time to be the repairers of the breaches and salvage our world from imminent decadence. Let us bear our name: the Light and the Salt of the Earth.

Get out of your bushels
Get out of your saltshakers

God bless Nigeria

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