All Things Are Yours!

Text: 1Cor 3:21-22

Therefore let no man glory in men. For all things are yours; Whether Paul, or Apollos, or Cephas, or the world, or life, or death, or things present, or things to come; all are yours;

In one of our recent devotionals, we saw how that the mercy of God makes the difference in a man’s life. Success is not a function of your efforts, it is a function of God’s mercy. We also saw that we the children of God are objects of mercy. But one more thing I’d like you to know about mercy is: God’s mercy has put all of God’s resources at your disposal. Therefore, He says, “all things are yours”. (1Cor 3:21-22). That sure blows my mind. All things! And as if to say “for the avoidance of doubt”, he added, “All things…whether life, or death, or things present or things to come”. He says all things are yours. They are put under your authority. No matter what it is, no matter what condition it is, you can make them work for your advantage because all things are yours. Yes, they are to work to your advantage, not working against you because you are an object of God’s mercies.
You don’t have to hope on or boast on anybody. God has put you in charge of all that He has created, for all things are yours. New English Translation puts verse 22 this way,

“so then, no more boasting about mere mortals? For everything belongs to you”.

The greatest thing in life is to become an object of God’s grace and mercy. That is what you are brethren. And as a result ye have all things (1Pet 2:10). When that person you thought would help you simply closes the door at you, that is not the end of life. You do not need him to survive because all things are actually yours. You can harness everything for your benefit.
I want you to picture a house that was transferred by its owner (either by a deed of gift or deed of conveyance) to his son. Then in the presence of all the tenants in the house, he announces his son as the new owner of the house. Thereafter, he turns to his son and says, “hence forth, all things are yours.” It is now up to the son to exercise right of ownership. He may wish to quit the tenants or retain them. He may wish to change the look or structure of the house or let it remain as it is. That is exactly what God wants you to understand today. God has bestowed the ownership of all things that he has made to his beloved children (and that includes you who are born again). It is now up to you to take possession and assume authority
Now you can make all things work for your good. When all things are yours, you are in control of them. Friends, you are in control of that situation. Don’t sit there looking helpless. You can change thing. Command them to work for your good. In Mark 11 we see how Jesus spoke to the tree to whither and it did. That was the command of an owner. The tree had to obey. Some other time, He spoke to the wind and the waves and the obeyed. That was because they recognize the Lordship and ownership right of Jesus. Look, you are joint heirs with Jesus. That is to say, you have the same ownership right as Jesus. His right to all things flow from the bequest which made him an heir. That is the same tittle you have. You document of ownership is the same with Jesus’ and is as valid as his. ALL THINGS ARE YOURS. You can start making them work for your good by the power of confession and decrees. You can command money to come now! You can command sickness to disappear. You can command your healing to manifest. Yes, you can, because all things are yours. Are you just posted to a position that was intended to be to your disadvantage, instead of grumbling, why not speak to that situation and command it to work for your favour. All things are yours. Have you just started a new business, command it to work for your good? ALL THINGS ARE YOURS. Hallelujah!


  • Thank you Father for you have made all things mine. I can exercise dominion over all things that you have created. I can cause them all to work together for my good and for my righteous cause. Hallelujah
    I declare that all things are mine. Prosperity is mine. Healing is mine, promotion is mine.
  • I walk in the realm of dominion, grace and unending prosperity.
  • I command every negative situation to stop.
  • I command sickness to end. I command failure to cease.
  • I unleash prosperity, health and success into every area of my experience in Jesus Name.

All things are mine!

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