TEXT: Romans 8:19

For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.


Look around you. You see decay, right? Corruption everywhere, wickedness, evil and so on. In our country we have become so conscious of the decadence in the society that people began to cry for change. Few years ago, the political party that took the wisdom of making “change” their slogan got the attention of the masses. It has been more than four years since then, most people have come to realize that they might have been wrong after all. People are so conscious of change but totally unconscious of the changer! They think one political leader will end corruption and put an end to decadence. While men and even Christians look to political leaders to save the world, the Truth is that the world looks to us for salvation. All of creation is expecting you child of God: They awaits your manifestation.

Whenever darkness covers the earth, when things go bad, God’s solution is the introduction of His sons. When God’s man manifests, it cures the earth’s ills. In the beginning, when the earth was without form and void, the person charged with the responsibility for repairing the earth was Adam (Gen 1:28) who was God’s son (Luke 3:38). When all men were doomed to destruction because of sin, God’s answer was the second Adam, Jesus Christ the Son of God.

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Now that you have been made God’s son, you have been changed from an agent of darkness to an agent of light. You’re God’s Agent of Change. The earnest expectation of your world, your nation, your generation, your environment, society, office and family await your manifestation. When you manifest, things will change. The curse in your family and generation will be broken. You shouldn’t be running from pillar to post looking for deliverance from ancestral curses. When you manifest, they shall be broken. If the son of God in us manifest, we’d cure the world. Is there a need for change–in your life, family, office, society, country, etc?

Stop looking around, you’re the changer. Manifest your true Son-of-God identity and the change shall begin with you.


  • Thank you Father for making me a veritable agent of change
  • I declare that I am the true agent of change. Wherever I am, I cause positive change to the glory of God
  • The power to turn my world around for the glory of God resides in me. I’m able to do all things through Christ which strengthens me
  • Father the church needs a fresh infilling pour your Spirit and fire upon us let us be filled to the overflow
  • Revive the church Father overshadow us with your heavy anointing and glory

Isaiah 60:1-4

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