TEXT: Rom 1:3-4

“Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh; And declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness…”


We have discovered that the agent of the desired change agent of the desired change is the son of God. But until he manifests nothing happens. Firstly, take notice that it is your divine sonship that matters here. Everyone has a human and natural descent; but that actually amounts to nothing as far as effecting the desired change is concerned. Jesus was said to be the son of David according to the flesh. But that’s just about all that there is to it. It was the manifestation of His divine Sonship that resulted in the lightening up of the world and changing it to the glory of God.

If you must be an agent of change, you must manifest as a son of God. The creation is wired to respond only to the manifestation of the Son of God. Adam could replenish the earth as long as he was the son of God. But when he became a son of the devil through sin, neither he nor his children who were born after his own likeness (as against the likeness of God) could replenish the earth. Since then, creation has been waiting for the son of God. The first of such that creation ever saw after the first Adam was Jesus the Second Adam. But until he manifested, creation couldn’t heed him. So just how did he manifest? We need to know this to be able to manifest as He did

The scriptures tells us that the Holy Spirit manifested him by declaring Him to be the son of God. The Holy Spirit is the one that manifests/reveals of God’s sons. You must come to know the Holy Spirit and developed a working and intimate relationship with Him if you must affect your world for God. Tomorrow we shall be explaining the process by which He causes our manifestation.


  1. Thank you Father for making us the answer to the question of our world
  2. Thank you Father for Giving us the Holy Spirit who is to manifest the Christ in us
  3. Father I repent of all my sins of denying you before men
  4. Father baptise me with the Holy Spirit
  5. It is written that I shall receive power after the Holy Spirit is come upon me. Father you have sent your Holy Spirit to the church, I receive power now in Jesus Name
  6. Father the church needs a fresh infilling pour your Spirit and fire upon us let us be filled to the overflow
  7. Revive the church Father overshadow us with your heavy anointing and glory
  • Now pray in the spirit
  • Pray for me too


Isaiah 60:1-4

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