And he said unto him, If now I have found grace in thy sight, then shew me a sign that thou talkest with me.

Judges 6:17

Our natural instinct is to think that if we can live holy enough; pray hard enough; or DO one thing or the other enough, then we may earn God’s intervention or help. But here is Gideon. He was not praying when God showed up; he was threshed wheat by the winepress! Israel and for that matter the house hold of Gideon was not in good shape as far as holiness is concerned. Verse 25 shows us that long after God had shown Israel their sins, the people of Israel and for that matter the house of Gideon still had and worshiped Baal. In fact, Gideon’s family seemed to be a custodian of that idol. The were so committed to this dumb god of theirs that they were ready to kill Gideon when he eventually broke down the one in their home.

Yet in the middle of all these things, God still showed up and intervened in their affairs. That definitely beat the understanding of some religious holier-than-thou folks. God’s intervention has never been earned. The only ground for His help is GRACE. Gideon understood this. His statement in verse verse 17 shows that he noticed that the only reason why God will intervene in his affair now is grace, so he wanted to confirm that this encounter of grace which seems too good to be true was actually true and Divine.

Beloved, I don’t know what you are passing through today, but Grace is locating you in Jesus Name. There is a time in the travails of man that God will intervene no matter the state of the man. He will pass by their iniquity and errors, subdue them and save the people from their sting (Micah 7:18-19). That time is called the acceptable time and that time is NOW (2Cor 6:2).
God has come to you now. He’s ready to intervention despite your errors. Will you let his grace be in vain? Accept His offer for help, call upon Him now and you shall be saved. For in that day which is Today, “ whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” (ROM 10:13). He will save you from sin and its consequences. He will save you from the power of the devil. If you have not yet received Christ Jesus, you only need to believe that He died for your sin, that God raised him up and confess that He’s Lord and you shall be saved (ROM 10:9-10).

Father, thank you for coming to me despite my filth, sin and errors

Father I accept your grace and mercy, let it not be in vain in my life

Father, I cry to you today, save me from my challenges and the consequences of my word by your grace and mercy


Pray for me too

Micah 17:18-20

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