TEXT: James 4:6

…God opposes the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble….


Yesterday, we discovered that man was programmed to succeed by default but for the oppositions caused by Satan. If you therefore want to be fruitful and prosper God’s way, you must overcome these oppositions. The first and greatest of such opposition is Divine Opposition. This is terrible because if Satan or men were to oppose you, you could run to God for help. But who would you run to when God is the one opposing you? Divine collision is deadly

Men incur divine opposition through pride.

God opposes the proud (James 4:6)

Pride was the beginning of the sin of Satan which led to his fall from heaven (Isaiah 14:12-14 Eze 28:13-17). It was the same thing that he got man to commit. He told man that if they ate the forbidden fruit, they’d be as God knowing good and evil. Unlike men, God doesn’t know good and evil by experience or by leaning but by determining it. So in essence Satan was telling man that he’d be the god of his life determining what is good and what is evil. Thus rather than submit to the lordship of God, man would rather be lord for himself. What a spirited attempt to overthrow God!

Satan is still in the business of instilling pride into men. He tells them that they own their lives and can run it themselves. Such people scorn at God and rely on their sensory perception to lead their lives. In their pride they attempt to judge God’s word and discard it for not passing their empirical tests. Thus they raise proud arguments in their hearts that resist God and His words.

If you want to escape divine opposition this year, stop your pride, cast away the prideful argument in your heart and submit to the Lordship of Christ by receiving His word with meekness (James 1:21). Let the word of God shape you thoughts, words and actions. Let it determine your decisions and sharpen your will–causing you to will to do God’s will. That is how to, be meek and humble before God. To such, God says he’d exalt and give more grace and cause to inherit the earth (James 4:6, 1Pet 5:6, Matt 5:5). Thay way, the world and its forces would respond positively to you and your prosperity would be guaranteed.


Thank you Father for another beautiful day in the blessed new year

I declare that I belong to you. I cast down every proud argument in my heart and I submit my life to the Lordship of your Christ

I declare that Jesus is lord over my thought, will, words and action and His words is directing everything about me

Father show me your will always and cause me to walk in it by your Spirit.

Father strengthen and reposition your church for the manifestation of your will on earth as it is done in heaven

Father let peace reign in this nation in Jesus Name

James 4:6,
1Pet 5:6,
Matt 5:5

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