TEXT: 2Timothy 1:7

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.


A past President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria noted that one reason why the most populous and arguably the most endowed African country was living very far below its capacity is because there are more think tanks than there are ‘do tanks’. How true is that of us today? How many brilliant plans, ideas, prophecies and revelations of yours have been killed by procrastination and left embalmed in the pages of your diaries and planners? Oh: did you think that you simply manufacture that brilliant concept all by yourself? Is that why you think you have the right to either implement of kill it? No! As a child of God, you have the mind of Christ (if you study God’s word) and many of our concepts are Holy Spirit inspired concepts. They could revolutionise our world and lives if only you allowed them to manifest. In all these, what do you think has been your bane all these while? Fear in most cases!

Fear has a torment. Fear of what people would say; fear of rejection or the sheer reaction of your audience has kept you from receiving Jesus; bearing the gospel or testifying about your relationship with Jesus to friends, co-travelers and even co-tenants (John 12:42 & 43).  Fear of failure kept you from taking a step into the realization of your dreams and it remains forever a dream. Fear of the unknown stops you from sowing and you have no harvest. Fear has a torment. It is the biggest fetter in history. But God has a word against it per day. He says FEAR NOT!

No matter what seems to be ahead of you, fear not. Fear is not from God for God has not given you the Spirit of fear… It is not part of your spiritual make-up. In fact, do you know that fear can lead you to eternal damnation? You’d be surprised at how God rates fear. Of the list of the people that will have their portion in the lake of fire, the fearful is listed first–that is even ahead of the murderers and sorcerers (Rev. 21:8). This is because fear can make you commit the worst crime conceivable. It  can also make you neglect the best opportunity to do good. Get rid of fear before fear gets rid of you. Receive grace in Jesus Name


Thank you Father for you have not given me the spirit of fear but of sound mind

I refuse to fear anything. I am strong and courageous

I receive grace to make decisions for God and the boldness to do act on the word of God as well as the leading of the Holy Spirit.

I get rid of fear today in the name of Jesus

Father stir up the spirit if boldness and sound mind in your church that we might be able to do great things for you

Father I pray for the church and the nation. let the fear of the Lord overshadow our fear of men

Exodus 23 & 24
Psalm 22:22-31
Mark 3:31-4:29


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