TEXT: Heb 2:15-15

Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil;  And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.


Before God says to you, “fear not”, he had to do something about your fear. It would amount to foolhardy to ‘fear not’ when the object of your fear is still so real and daunting. God tells us that the power the devil had over man was the power of death and that by which he uses it to subject man to his bondage was THE FEAR OF DEATH. Thus Jesus addressed this issue once and for all. He did not only defeat Satan, God says he destroyed him and rid him of his power! 

All the devil now does is to deceive people with lying wonders like symptoms, evil reports, dreams, omens, superstitions, etc. People subject themselves again to him by believing the lie and allowing fear in their hearts
By fear you acknowledge the power of the devil. He’s not as invincible as you think. When you get rid of fear you rid the devil of a very major arsenal and your render him altogether impotent in your life. The knowledge of this will dematerialize the devil before you. 

Fear is to satan what faith is to God. Just as almost everything God has accomplished by grace for us is received by faith, so also, all that the devil has done or can do will require fear in your heart to manifest in your life.  When the devil threatens you through symptoms of sickness, lack, threats of evil and wicked men, evil prophecies, dream, divination, incantations and the like, Your fear is what makes it to materialize.
Beloved, Jesus has destroyed the object of your fear. He has paralyzed the devil. Henceforth you have nothing to fear. When God says, fear not, he isn’t giving you a motivational speech. He’s telling you the truth. If only you’d believe, the devil is but an empty barrel making a very loud noise. Trust God’s word and cast away your fear today. You’d be glad you did


My Dear Heavenly Father! thank you so much for delivering me from the fear of death and the bondage of Satan.

I declare that I am free. I have nothing to fear for I walk in the light of the truth. God has rid me of the shadow of doubt that causes fear

The devil is paralyzed and rendered impotent in my life.

No matter what I see or experience, no matter the symptom or evil report, I shall not fear for I choose to believe the report of God.

I destroy every lying wonder and symptom of the work of darkness in my life in Jesus name

Father I pray for your church that you will cause the truth to become more and more glaring to us by the ministry of the Spirit
Father rid this nation of the workers of iniquity and the agents of devil’s evil machinations


1Cor 15:55-57

Rev 1:18

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