Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

To cast means to throw. God wants you to throw all your burdens on Him. His shoulders are broad enough; His hands are strong enough. He bears the weight of the universe your weight wouldn’t stagger him!

Turn your eyes up and look at the skies. (He is the God) who created them. (God) made the very large number (of stars) and he gave each one of them a name. He did not forget to give a name to any of them, because of (his) great power. (God) is very, very strong

(Isaiah 40:26 Easy English Version).

All He needs is your permission to let Him work in your life. This God that cares for you is the Almighty Lord of the Universe. The only person that can hinder him is you. Not because we are so strong, but because His tender love will not let Him break your will. Once you give him your consent by dropping your concern on His table, you will be glad you did.

So when you cast your burdens on the Lord, leave it there. Don’t come back asking for it. Trust God enough to see to it. Many times our curiosity and unbelief tempt us to check back to see how God is getting along with the problems. We wonder if God is actually really working on them or he has just buried them in his “Tod-do” list. Not so. If you cast your cares on Him, He will never be a second late. He cares so much about you that he gave numbers to each of your hair and takes record of every strand that falls when you comb. He’s that concerned! Experience His love and care by just relaxing into His loving, caring hands.

Thus, “Tell God about all the things that make you sad or afraid or angry. Give your thoughts about those things to him AND LET THEM REMAIN WITH HIM. Do this, because you matter to him.” (1Pet 5:7 EasyEnglish Version)


Dear Father, thank you for your love and care. I repent of holding you in bad light. Now I know better. I come cast my cares on you. You are the present help in times of need. Take over from me now. Bring solution to my challenges. As I arise from my knees, I’d forget about my challenges in your hands because I know you are able and if you have them there’s no need for me having them also. Thank you Father for answers and for your love and care. I pray for the church of Christ. Let peace of Christ overwhelm us

Isaiah 40:26-31

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