Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

1Pet 5:7

Every one of us is concerned with one issue or the other at various time, season or period. We worry about getting married and for that matter, married to the right person. We worry about what to eat, what to wear, where to stay and even what someone may say about us. Some have spouses that don’t care about them and their feelings. Others have troublesome children that give them concern. For these and many more, many have cried themselves to sleep and others have wearied themselves to death. It shouldn’t be so, dear Chritian. You have a Father that you can actually speak to. He cares, He hears, He listens. He is interested in you and so He wants to bear your burdens for you. Now that is a work of Grace. God’s grace is so great that He wants to be your burden bearer.

God says that you should cast ALL your cares on Him. All means ALL to the exclussion of none. In as much as it is a cause of concern, it qualifies as something to cast on God. Do you know why? God has called you to rest and he doesn’t want anything troubling you. It is wrong for a child of God to die of high blood pressure. What was he thinking about?! Nothing should worry you.

You are God’s investment. You are His project. Thus God caress for you, your needs, your children, your marriage and all, much more than you do. He has a lot at stake in your life than you do. He invested the life of His only begotten son for your to redeem you from destruction. His glory and name is at stake in your life! So he cares as a matter of love and responsibility.

Most times we think nobody knows what you are passing through. You think nobody really understands. Thus we mostly bare our worries alone and suffer under the weight of them. But the truth is that God cares. Some of us think that our isses are too trivial, too personal or too informal to pray about. But God is actually interested in every detail about you: Your office, your home, your ministry, even your sex life, your dreses and your meals or diet. God is interested and cares about them. Let Him into every area of your life and watch Him turn your test to testimonies.


Thank you Father for I’ve come to understand that you love me and you care

I cast all my cares and worries upon you now. Take over and let me enjoy your rest.

Worship Him for answers.

Psalm 121

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