GRACE WHEREIN WE STAND 2: The Placebo of Defeatists Theorists

By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God

Romans 5:2

In our last teaching, we discovered that standing and walking upright before God and men may not be achievable through human efforts. These findings which many sincere believers are acquainted with seem to have launched another error in the church. In the recent times, many have swung to the opposite extreme (hiding under their self-made version of the gospel of grace). They seem to preach that God, having tried, without much success, at making man live up to a moral standard (using the Law of Moses) finally gave up and came up with the grace strategy by which he simply stopped counting sins. God is therefore portrayed as looking the other way since he has found out that no matter how hard we try, we can’t achieve his standard of morality. This is so wrong and so untrue.

Even an unregenerated sinner knows that a man that claims to be close to God ought to behave like Him. Some sinners, who are at least reasonable, understand this and as such have a problem accepting the so-called grace doctrine. The sincere believer too understands this and as such his conscience wouldn’t subscribe to such warped doctrine either. Such doctrines are not product of divine illumination of the Word of God (as the proponents would want us to believe). Rather, they are theological placebo produced by defeatists who have allowed their experiences to convince them that a man cannot truly live above errors and sins.

They may argue that the Law of Moses is dead. Of course the law is dead and nailed to the cross. But there’s such thing as the law of the spirit of life. It is very much alive. We are expected to talk and walk as them that shall be judged by this law which is also called the law of Liberty (James 2:12). The reason why the Lord found fault with the Law of Moses was not because the law was unrighteous. Of course not: rather it is because the law did not address the root of man’s challenge. The law prescribed a standard of living for people who did not have it in their nature to attain up to such standard. The giving of the law was like commanding a dog to speak English Language. No matter the incentive promised or the penalty threatened, the dog cannot do such. It will eventually bark. God knew this, but he needed to use the law to convince man that they don’t have the ability to live right by themselves.

The purpose of grace is NOT to give us an assurance that God now looks the other way so we can conveniently live a morally bankrupt life. Far from it! Rather, by the Grace of God, the word of God became incarnate and bore the price for our sins so that the nature of sin that made it impossible for us to obey God might be destroyed so we can live unto God.

The grace by which we stand (maintaining right standing with God and walk uprightly before God and man) did not achieve this feat by decriminalizing sinful acts, rather it gives us the access to the Holy Spirit. By this spirit we receive the divine nature which contains the divine power that affords us all that we need for life and godliness. If you appropriate grace and live by it, you can live a life that is beyond the order of sin and death. You can live a life that pleases God being fruitful unto every good works..



Father, thank you for the grace wherein we stand

I receive the grace to live as unto the Lord, walking the spirit and living by the law of liberty in Jesus name

Father illuminate our eyes that we may see and appropriate the power that is made available unto us for life and godliness in Jesus name



Romans 8:1-9

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