GRACE WHEREIN WE STAND: Concentrate on Growth

As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby

1Pe 2:2 KJV

You don’t get worried if your 9 months old child wobbles and falls in his attempt to walk. Rather, you’re thrilled to behold him take his first steps. All through that time, your watchful eyes are on him and your strong hands are set to hold him up just in case he falls. That’s exactly the same thing with our heavenly Father.  When you get born again, you’re a baby before him. He knows that walking in righteousness is a product of maturity. You shouldn’t be overly worried about the fact that you’re not exactly as perfect as you thought you should be. God isn’t mad at you. He enjoys your feeble attempt to walk in holiness but that doesn’t make him love you any less or more. His arms are open to hold you up when you fall. All he requires now is that you’d grow up

Simply grow up spiritually and your walk of faith would come naturally with growth. The only problem is with people who refuse to grow or whose growths are stunted. They’ve been in Christ for so long and when one expects them to be walking perfectly in holiness, they’re still crawling. These are causes for concern just like a 10-year old that can’t walk is a cause for concern. But like we discovered yesterday, God’s grace builds you up when you ingest the right word of grace so you can stand upright and walk in faith

Do you want to grow up? voraciously ingest the sincere milk of the word of God. Many people have been reading the word of God but are not growing. One of the reasons is, they are concentrating on the aspect of the word of God that is not meant for the growth of babies. Many people have been told the impact of “Rhema” (even though what many people call Rhema today is simply sensational preaching garbed in figures of speech and human philosophies that tickles the sensibilities of men). Interestingly, you don’t grow by “rhema”. The word of God that Peter says is for our growth is translated from the Greek word “Logikos” which means an orderly or logical presentation of the logos.

It is the “Logos”, the whole body of truth, that trains you (Acts 20:32). He it is that sharpens your sensitivity to discern what God calls good and evil (Heb 5:12-13). It is He who helps you discern the meeting point between your soul and spirit so you can know the voice of your spirit and submit your soul to him. The Logos of Grace is your trainer, censoring your thoughts and intents (Heb. 4:12-13). But for the baby Christian who is still operating more in the soulish realm, Logikos which is the logical presentation of the logos helps him relate mentally with the word of God in such a way that it makes sense to him. Little by little, he’d get to a point where he begins to walk in the realms of faith that exceed the realms of reasoning


Thank you, Father, for providing for me, the food that can help me grow

I receive grace to desire the word of God and grow thereby

Father cause the hunger for your genuine word to overwhelm you people and cause us to discard false doctrine and receive the truth in Jesus Name


Hebrews 4:12-13

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