By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

Romans 5:2

Towards my final year in the university, I went to pray one day at the lawn tennis court. While fellowshipping with thanksgiving, I could hear the intermittent cries of a brother who also was in prayers. His cry was so full of agony that at a time I had to interrupt my worship to pray: “Father whatever be his demand kindly grant it with speed”. When I was done and was about leaving, the gentleman ran to me desiring to have a word with me. Of course I was anxious to know the reason for his strong cryings and tears. Then he explained to me his painful struggle with what he called his “easily besetting sin”. He told me how he had fasted, prayed and made resolutions all to no avail. He told me that he wished he could enjoy fellowshipping with God like he saw me doing a while before. 

While he was speaking the Holy Spirit told me his problem was that while God had no problems with him, having since forgiven him, he had refused to believe he was forgiven. Also, he refused to forgive himself. That way, Satan kept him out of God’s presence thus effectively making him vulnerable to his next onslaught. From then on when he learnt to live in God’s grace, he began to experience victory and peace. That blessed saint had been trying to live the divine life by his human efforts and willpower. But they failed him. 

Whenever you look away from Jesus Christ the author and the finisher of your faith and you start looking to your human abilities, willpower and efforts, attempting to obtain God’s approval by your ability,  you’d soon discover that you fail often. And since you don’t look up to the finished work of grace, you’d not be able to appropriate the reconciliatory work of our High Priest. So you’d continually have a defiled conscience. If you continue there long enough, you can shipwreck your faith that way (1Tim 1:19). 

A shipwrecked faith is a deactivated faith. So while the salvation that God has given by grace is sure and never fails, without faith you’d not be able to receive salvation or anything else that grace gives. Deactivating your faith is one sure way to fall from grace. You must avoid this by all means. Keep looking to Jesus, and you will never fail


Father thank you for your never failing grace

I receive grace by faith. I declare that my faith never fails. I look into Jesus the author and the finisher of my faith

Father I pray for your church that you’d preserve our spirit soul and bodies and keep us blameless till the day of Jesus.


1Tim 1:19

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