GRACE WHEREIN WE STAND: The Helmet of Salvation

And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

Eph 6:17

Apart from the salvation of our spirits which we received at the new birth and the salvation of the soul which is continually appropriated as we progressively learn of Christ, there is also the salvation of our bodies. It refers to the moment in which our bodies shall be transformed within a twinkling of the eye at the time of Rapture (1Cor 15:51-57). We are yet to achieve this, but we have it as a hope–the hope of salvation (Romans 8:23-25). . If we are faithful in making our election sure; if we are faithful in working out the salvation of our souls, Jesus will come and suddenly grant us the salvation of our bodies.  This is what we are to wear as a helmet. The Holy Spirit through the same Apostle Paul clarifies it in 1Thes 5:8. 

There are many times in which the devil will send his darts against our heads—the centre of intellectualism and reasoning. He will ask you why you are not enjoying the things of this world like others are doing. You’d see yourself as though you are denied the good things of the earth. You must be prepared for this dearly beloved. In fact you will be denied  justice and God says you should simply commit yourself to God. You shall be slapped on the one cheek and Jesus says you are to turn the other—no more revenge (Mat 5:38-44 MSG).

To an ordinary man, the demands of the Christian life may seem unreasonable. You might even be called a fool by the worldly wise man if you are to fulfill these conditions. If you must live the blessed Christian life as expected by our Master, Jesus, you definitely need an armour so the devil doesn’t shoot at your head to make your head rule over you. That armor is called the HELMET OF SALVATION. It actually is the hope of salvation. It is that which helps you to remain true to our Master and His word when doing so doesn’t seem reasonable. If you must guard your mind and keep it firm such that you remain standing and not be distracted or dissuaded by the things the world throws at you, you need to constantly be assured of the hope of salvation. It is this confident assurance of our glorious inheritance (which is the joy set before us) that can make you dare the world, ditch its fame and dare its flames. If we did not have this hope; if in this world alone we have our hope, then we are of all men most miserable. But glory to God, we are most glorious because Christ in us is our Hope of Glory. Fill your heart with the consciousness of this blessed hope and stand true to Christ till the end


Thank you Father because your grace has given me all that I need to stand true to you no matter what comes my way

I put on the helmet of salvation. My eyes are fixed on the joy set before me. I am able to withstand and outlive the evil day because the Spirit and grace of Jesus strengthens me from the inside

Father, I pray for your church that you would keep us focused on the joy set before us and that you would strengthen us with might by your spirit in our inner man that we may remain true to thee


Matthew 5:38-44

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