GRACE WHEREIN WE STAND: The High Priest of Grace 3

Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them.

Hebrews 7:25

Jesus by Himself has dealt with the issues of sin once and for all having made the ultimate sacrifice for sin (Heb 7:27, Heb 9:26-28, Heb 10:12). The question now turns on, what exactly is Jesus interceding for us about? God has forgiven you. He no longer takes your slips into account (Heb 10:17, 2 Cor 5:19). No one, not even Satan the so-called accuser of the brethren, can bring an accusation against you. In fact, there’s no condemnation for you in His presence. But there’s still one that can accuse you. It is your conscience (Rom 2:15).

Your conscience doesn’t accuse you before God neither does it determine God’s love for you. Instead, it accuses you before you. If nothing is done about a defiled conscience it can shipwreck or deactivate your faith (1Tim 1:19). A defiled conscience would make you flee from God so that even if he came with love and salvation, you’d not be able to receive Him. When Adam sinned, the all-knowing God knew. Yet He came down for fellowship as usual. But man’s consciousness of their sin-caused nakedness made them flee from God (Gen 3:8-10). Man has been fleeing from God since then till now. But now, God has found us with His everlasting love and drawn us with His loving kindness (Jer 31:3, Romans 5:8). The gospel, therefore, is the news of this unconditional love which alone can embolden us to receive the hand of fellowship stretched to us by our loving God. Even after we’ve come to him, a defiled conscience can make us run away again.

This can short-circuit otherwise eternal salvation that God has given to you. Justification, salvation, sanctification, and glorification are all gifts of grace. They can only be received by faith. If your faith is deactivated, you’d not be able to appropriate these gifts of grace. God doesn’t want this to happen to you. So he employed Jesus to act as your advocate/intercessor to sanctify your conscience and defend you before you and against your conscience’s accusation against you. 

Jesus’ priestly intercession is not for your forgiveness. Rather, it is that your faith fail not, just like He did for Peter. That’s why even though his sin was not any less than Judas’, guilty conscience didn’t make him kill himself as Judas did. He still hung around the disciples until Jesus arose. Then Jesus sanctified His conscience by calling specifically for him and making Peter confess love to him as many times as he denied Jesus (Mark 16:7, John 21:15-17). Beloved, Jesus is calling you. No matter what your conscience is judging you with, leverage on His love and grace. John 3:20 tells us “that if our conscience condemns us, yet God is greater than our conscience”. Have faith in His love and you’d be just fine


Dear Father, thank you for your eternal love.

I declare that I’ve been sanctified. I’m guiltless. The blood of Jesus sanctifies my conscience and I come boldly before my father in Jesus Name

Holy Father, give your church the ability to respond to the loving-kindness with which you love us in Jesus Name


Hebrews 10

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