TEXT: Pro 24:10 

If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small


Recently I had a funny little experience that I’d like to share with you. I had made up my mind to go without food in order to seek the face of God. But I woke up that morning with great weakness, hunger and pain in my abdomen. I began to nurse the idea of postponing my fast. However, I reminded myself of my principle to stick to plan no matter what. So I just laid there and waited for some few minutes. After about 30 to 45 minutes, all the pains weakness and hunger disappeared and I was ready to finish my plans.

Beloved, as you prepare for what may be your first work week in the year 2019, I urge you to be courageous. No matter what your vision, goals, plans and tasks are, you can succeed. Yes you can. Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win. You have prayed and Sure, God has equipped you with all the blessings you need to succeed. You can do anything. You’re created to rule your world. You’re God’s best creation on earth. You’re made in His image and Likeness therefore all things are possible for you. The grace of God is available for you. But when you quit, you frustrate the grace of God

I am aware that there may be very daunting oppositions.


You can achieve just anything. You can finish that project. You can overcome that habit. You can stay faithful to your spouse and marital vow. You can be consistent in prayers, worship, fasting and all your spiritual commitment. You can succeed in ministry and profession. Only don’t quit. Despite your perceived weakness, you are programmed to overcome all oppositions. God says in James 4:7 that even the devil does not have what it takes to successfully oppose you. That is why He says if you’d submit to God, you can resist the devil and he will flee from you.

This reminded me of the famous statue of St. Peter as portrayed in St Peter Basilica. The Stone statute which many scholars have attributed to Arnolfo Di Cambio of the 13th century has its feet literally worn thin because pilgrims who went there traditionally kiss the feet. Can you beat that? The soft lips of men eventually eroded a stone statue. You know what that tells me? the Most formidable resistance will eventually fall for a persistent attack. Keep at your vision, don’t loss focus, don’t quit and you oppositions will eventually fall before you. You shall finish strong. Yes you can. Simply Just Don’t Quit


Thank you father for strengthening me with might by your spirit in my inner man

I declare that I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

I am able to achieve my goals and fulfill my destiny by the power of the Holy Spirit in me

Nothing can stop me in Jesus Name

Ephesians 3:15-22

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