TEXT: Heb. 4:16, Ps.5:12, Rom 9:16

Mercy is God breaking protocol and helping man even though he might not have, or should not have done it.

No matter what you do in life, where you are or who you are, you can never succeed in anything without the grace and favour of God. I have seen people with outstanding academic certificates rotting away in the labour market. There are people with enough money but could not buy peace, a home or a child. Thus the preacher in says, ”

Mercy is the reason why Esther (a Jew) could become the wife of a Persian king. Nobody remember to question her ancestry until the day the Jews were in trouble. You’d expect the king to be furious at the that discovery. Yet rather than getting furious, the king went ahead to protect Esther and saved her race while condemning their their enemy (Harman) even though he was the king’s right hand man.(Esther 2:15-17; Est 7)

God is the God of mercy. Mercy is his nature. The scriptures calls him the Father of mercies. ( 2cor 1:3 )

Whenever the mercy of the Lord is engaged, miracles happen immediately. In mark 1:40-42 When Jesus responded to the plea for mercy, he healed the leprous man instantly. When Jesus respondent to the plea for mercy in Matt 14:13 He gave the men a blank cheque He said “What will you have me do for you” He was ready to do anything because of mercy. If you will engage God’s mercy today, your age long challenge will come to an abrupt end. Your life time question will receive an instant answer. What have you been struggling to achieve without result? Mercy will deliver your expectation into your hand without another ounce of struggle.

God ended 400 years of slavery one night because of his mercy which endureth forever (Psalm 106). When you engage the mercy of God, the Lord who parted the red sea will use uncommon means to solve your uncommon challenges.  If you will engage His mercy today, The God that swept away Pharaoh and His host in the red sea will suddenly overthrow the stubborn pursuer of your life by in a most dramatic way. If you can engage God’s mercy, the God that destroyed famous kings for Israel’s sake will destroy the giants on your way to success in Jesus Name. (See Psalms 106)

The Lord says we should come to the throne of mercy and there obtain mercy and grace to help in the  time of need. Mercy can only be received at the throne of Grace. Until you approach God through grace you may not be able to access His mercy. Grace comes by Jesus (John 1:14). Look to the finished work of Jesus and cry to God for mercy The Lord will arise on your behalf in the name of Jesus.


Worship the God of mercy, grace and favour

Cry to God for mercy on any issue in your life

Pray that the mercy of God will rest on you and your country


Psalms 106

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