Everytime that the stock of my life I do take
I would look in my heart for my love for my Lord
And each night that I muse on my walk and my works
What a debt of God’s love I have yet to repay

Let the day never come that I cease from Your love
O my Lord Let my heart never stray from your love
Let this one thing my Lord, be my lot Lord I pray
That I live everyday of my life in your Love

I would wait on my Lord, Loved Unseen, yes my Love
For His love I would live and could die for His love
Oh for grace just to live and to thrive on His love
Till He comes for His love or He calls for His love

Till some day I would rise and before Him I’d stand
Fully clad in His love I would stand unashamed
And I’d look in the eyes of the Lord I have loved
And be raptured in love beyond words, time and space

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