Prayer for Nigeria for God Ordained Leaders

Jeremiah 3:16 NET

“I will give you leaders who will be faithful to me. They will lead you with knowledge and insight”

Call to Pray

Don’t ever for once think that God is impotent or is not concerned about who becomes our leader. Once upon a time, a heathen king named Nebuchadnezzar learnt it the hard way that

“…the High God rules human kingdoms. He arranges kingdom affairs however he wishes, and makes leaders out of losers.” (Daniel 4:17 MSG)

If we shall pray, God can give us leaders after his heart. I am not even particular about religion here. There have been many religious folks (so called Christians) who have departed farthest from God and His will and done the worst ills to the cause of Christ and to humanity. Conversely, there are so called unbelievers who have upheld and followed the will of God to letter. Cyrus was such a leader. Even though he did not know God, yet God specially chose him to fulfill God’s plan for Israel. Cyrus was diligent to fulfilling all those plans of God for Israel as soon as God made him king.

Brethren let us cry to God to give us leaders after His heart. Leaders that will do His will and through whom, the blessing of God will be evident upon Nigeria and Nigeria would be great again..

Let Us Pray

Dear heavenly Father, we praise you because you’re he Most High God and you rule over human kingdoms. You have the ability to choose our leaders for us even in this period of election. Glory to your Name in Jesus Name

Father, we pray that in Your mercy You would give us leaders who will revernace you, do your will and establish righteousness in Nigeria

Father we ask that for your Name sake you’d give us leaders through whom you would reatore glory to Nigeria and your blessing would be evident over her

Father give us leaders who would further the cause of the gospel and properly manage all the wonderful resources you’ve so generously blessed us with.

Father no matter how this election goes in Nigeria, at the end of the day, give us leaders after your own .

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