TEXT: Ephesians 5:15-17

See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.


One thing that God gave to all men on equal basis is time. No one, not even Jesus Christ, had an extra hour above the 24 hours of the day. Everyone of us must operate within what God has given us. Time is our greatest asset by which we can achieve anything whatsoever in our sojourn on this side of eternity. Our achievement is directly proportional to what we have done with our time. Wisdom is seen in what you do with your time. You can Waste time by putting it to the wrong use; spend it by putting it to immediate use; or redeem it by investing it to secure the future and redeem the past.

God tells us that the wise man redeems the time. He also says that the way to redeem the time is to apply it for acquiring the knowledge of the will of God (Eph 5:15-17). The sure way to know the will of God per time is to transform our minds by the word of God through meditation; thereby making us sensitive to the voice of the Spirit (Rom 12:2, Col 3:10, 1Cor 2:12). Jesus calls this the one thing needful (Luke 10:42)

When you invest or redeem your time like this, it does not matter how bad your past has been, or how terribly you’ve been plundered you shall recover. You will move at the speed of grace and at an acceleration due Holy Ghost and secure your future.

When Elijah invested his time like this, it didn’t matter that Ahab was running on chariot drawn by horses. He outran Ahab and ran ahead of him to Jezreel (1Kings 18:45-46). When David redeemed his time this way, it didn’t matter that the Amalekites had raided his camp and were already gone for 3 days, he pursued, overtook and recover all (1Sam 30:1-19). You too can. Make up your mind this year to redeem your time by investing it wisely in fellowshipping with God’s word and Spirit


  • Father thank you for teaching me how to redeem both my past and future.
  • Father I have resolved to redeem the time by investing it wisely in fellowshipping with your Word and Spirit. I receive grace to do so effortlessly with joy.
  • Father fill me with the knowledge of your will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.
  • Father I pray for your church that you will fill us with the knowledge of your will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding
  • Father I pray for my country that you would help us to redeem times lost by successive bad governance, decisions and ways of life.


Rom 12:1-2,
Col 3:10,
1Kings 18:45-46,
1Sam 30:1-19

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