…Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts

Zech. 4:6

It’s a new year and a new season. This year is going to see a manifestation of the spirit and the power of God. Great territories lie ahead of us to be taken; great heights are to be scaled; great tasks to be accomplished and great records to break. Did you record breakthroughs last year, you haven’t seen anything yet, more are on the way. Did you live below your expectations last year? Cheer up you have a brand new opportunity of exceeding your expectations.

The new year presents a new horizon: in your job, ministry, family, career, etc. Thus says the Lord: “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.” God has pledged His Spirit–the one by whom He gets things done. He will accomplish great things for you and through you.

You may feel that what you need is money or some other resources. You see, that thought in fact is the deceitfulness of riches (the feeling that riches is security or solution) which hinders the move of God (Matt 13:22). Change your thinking friend. What (or indeed, the person) you actually need is the Holy Spirit. When God was to create the earth as it is, all that was available to him was a deep void, darkness and emptiness. The Holy Spirit moved upon the face of the deep and the result is what we see – an everlasting beautiful earth teeming with resources inexhaustible.

The same Holy Spirit will brood over your emptiness and bring forth an unusual masterpiece.He turned the last meal of a widow to an endless supply of food (1Kings 17:10-16). He will convert your hopeless situation to a testimony. He turned the few drops of oil of another heavily indebted widow to a fountain of oil (2Kings 4:2-7). He will make your scarce resources into an abundance. This year, He is clearing your debts in Jesus Name. You will lend and not borrow for He is your sufficiency. It’s not by power nor by might, but by my Spirit says the Lord


Thank God who has given us His Holy Spirit

Declare that the Holy Spirit is accomplishing great feats for and though you this year

Ask for a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit upon you and the Church of Jesus this year

Ask the Holy Spirit to take responsibility for your success


Zech 4:1-10

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