The Weapon Called Prophecy

Text: 1Tim 1:18

This charge I commit unto thee, son Timothy, according to the prophecies which went before on thee, that thou by them mightiest war a good warfare.

There’s a revelation about prophecy that many Christians don’t  yet understand.

Firstly, there are two aspects of prophecy. The first is called foretelling, which means declaring the will or counsel of God concerning the future by the Spirit of God now. The second is forthtelling, which refers to speaking God’s counsel into manifestation by the spirit of God.

Many people today see prophecy as only foretelling. But that’s not all that there is about prophesy. Prophecy also includes declaring the will of God which is the testimony of Jesus as a present day reality. When you do so you are engaging what Rev 19:11 calls the Spirit of Prophecy. Immediately, that Spirit of Prophecy goes into action to manifest what you say.

In Genesis 1, We see that in the creation morning the Spirit was on ground incubating the void for the birthing of the will of God, but he did nothing till the Lord spoke. In John 5:19 Jesus explains that whatever miracles he did were things the Father has already done. Most times, Jesus simply prophesy the will of God to the sick, “your faith has made you whole” and then the person will instantly be whole. So our mouth is the link between the spirit realm and the physical.

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When God wanted to bring life to the valley of dry bones in the book of Ezekiel 37, he commanded Ezekiel to prophesy his will to the dry bones. Instantly, the Spirit of prophesy manifested the prophesy.

A Christian armed with the word of GOD is indomitable. No situation, no matter how bad like the dry bones of Ezekiel 37, can withstand the power of prophecy. The situation must give way to the Spirit of prophesy. Now we are admonished to fight a good warfare with it. Now what God has spoken concerning you is what Jesus has accomplished for you by his suffering, death resurrection and ascension. The devil might be trying to make you see otherwise. Stand your ground and prophesy speak what God says not what the doctor, your body or your account says. Declare the testimony of Jesus. Are you feeling sickly, prophesy and say “by the stripes of Jesus I am healed.” The devil will eventually flee from you like a whipped dog if you do not waver in unbelief.


  • Thank God for the Spirit of prophecy is available for you.
  • Repent of saying the wrong words Now begin to prophesy concerning your health, life and finance. Say you are healed, prosperous and cannot die.
  • Prophesy blessings on your home.
  • Prophesy glory and grace on the church.
  • Prophesy peace to your country.
  • Prophesy grace mercy and peace on me too.


Rev. 19:10
Rom 12:6
Ezek 37

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